Welcome to ScoozieLand!

Possibility + Promise + Devotion  

All right all right… we’re talking about a beverage insulator. We get it. Yet, dare we say, it is the best you will ever own. Plus, Fran and Fred promise to bring some surprises. And that is where YOU come in. We invite you to create #ScoozieMeMoments, where you show us your humor, your intrigue and your fight. 

Meet Fran! She may be young (DOB: 9/19/23)… but don’t let that fool ya. She keeps things hummin’ around here with her energy and fun-loving personality. Full of surprises, we have no idea what she’ll do next! 

This is Fred. He’s as stoic and loyal as they come. He would be the first to tell you that he and Fran are different. Each - one of a kind. In other words, they are NOT for sale! Yet, many other color combinations ARE.

So What’s Up With Those Googly Eyes?

OK. Let's say (hypothetically) that there is a Scoozie Me Neural Network. Well, if that were the case, one could surmise that the way to activate that network would be to install the Googly Eyes. Now, assuming that the Scoozie Me Neural Network is now 'activated', one could only imagine the benefits.

Hmm... interesting. Well, besides all that... they're FUN! Try it!

[P.S. this was Fran's idea]